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Clearer Reflections

Miles Jonsson

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Miles Jonsson

Please Answer yes or no to the following in your head.

When I have a problem I always know right away.

I trust the advice of professionals unquestioningly.

If it feels right it is right.

If it feels different it is wrong.

If you answered no to any of the previous statements then continue reading.

If not, why are you still reading?

Maybe one more question, if you answer yes to this one you can keep reading no matter your previous answers,

When I know more I can make better decisions.

Now, let us begin. I reflect on mirrors sometimes. I imagine the surface of some calm, dark pool that let our distant ancestor observe a stranger in a parallel world staring up at them. From this first glimpse of self we have sought greater clarity to that literal age old question, who am I? There are lots of things I wouldn’t know without mirrors, I wouldn’t know how my outfit looks, I couldn’t tell that my eyes are bloodshot or my hair is off, and, I certainly wouldn’t know about the booger hanging off the end of my nose. I wouldn’t know my own face, I wouldn’t know how my eyelids hang low when a day has been heavy or see the glow of vitality when I’ve just exercised. I wouldn’t know what I look like, and in a world where people decide who we are and what we think in a split second, that is tantamount to not even knowing who I am.

Mirrors are an ancient technology, with obsidian (black volcanic glass) mirrors appearing as far back as 6000BC in ancient Turkey. The Christian Apostle Paul makes reference to the distorted view available with ancient mirrors when he wrote, “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” 1 Corr. 13:12. Here Paul speaks of a future day when we would see clearly and thus know fully. From Wikipedia we learn that even distorted and dark mirrors were prized and it would not be until 1835, with the invention of the silvered glass mirror, that mass-production, and thus ownership by the average person could begin.

While the world is forever running past our eyes, our minds save clouded reflections of the past for us to hold on to. Capturing the elusive moment is now as within reach as our smartphone and as real as the filter we put it through. While the Sun shines all around us, all is not illuminated yet. Today torrents of data rush instantly across the globe and sweep us along with them but in all this data, truth is harder to find than ever. What is true for one person or group is false to another, even shared truths are interpreted differently.

I find myself at a loss for what crosses through the minds of others but there is something about seeing that brings us closer. When you can see the same thing you have a starting point. When you can see how another person sees you, you gain a new perspective and a new version of truth about yourself. When you can communicate from the same perspective you can understand and be understood. It is this kind of enlightenment that advances in computer vision can give us.

There are many problems in the world, this we know clearly. As an entrepreneur I see problems as opportunities. From this perspective, Healthcare has many opportunities. When we go in to a clinic we are told we will see the Doctor and he will see us. Will they though? Will we be seen? As a computer vision startup our aim is to help clinicians see more and show what they see so that their patients can know what they know. We believe that if the perspectives of both sides can be brought into alignment better decisions can be made with more confidence. Next time you go into see a Doctor, make sure you really get seen.

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